Vespa was very busy in her first month with a “hooman”!

  • Downtown Vancouver:  to walk around the streets & alleys there.  She was very sniffy, often very distracted, had to re-set a lot, and wasn’t very interested in treats because she preferred to smell things!
  • Work: an office environment/hauling site yard with lots of loud noises/distractions. She was good at settling for short periods, but would start attention barking after too long.
  • Cars: she learned to ride well in the front footwell of a car, without jumping on the seats or crying or whining.
  • Appointments:  she attended dentist, chiropractor and massage appointments.  She was able to settle well for short periods of time while tethered to office furniture.
  • Stores:  she accompanied me to the local grocery store.  She was good walking around, but wanted to smell everything.
  • Half Marathon: a big event with huge crowds of people.  She did very well at the beginning. There were lots of people distractions.  We went for a walk towards the Finish Line.  She was a little worn out by all the people by that time, and had hit her threshold.
  • Ferry: she was good on the ferry – curious, but not anxious at all.
  • Brewery: she settled well on the floor with a chew toy with few people around. 
  • Micky’s Pub Fundraiser:  this was with the other Motorcycle Litter siblings and lots of people around.  She barked a little, and wanted to play with her brothers and sisters, but overall was fairly good.
  • Family Member’s House with other Dog:  met other dog; she was definitely the instigator in play, even when the other dog didn’t want to play.  Lots of barking at the other dog.

Submitted By: Sarah Macdonald