VIMY II has been very busy learning agility as he improves his core strength and stamina. The stronger the dog’s core, the easier some of the advanced skills are to complete such as hitting automatic door buttons, putting paws up on the table, etc. The PADS staff are working on tools to support the continuation of placements and team trainings during this difficult time and we hope to include Vimy as one of the dogs who finds a match in the next few months. Vimy recently enjoyed a trip to Moorecroft Regional Park where he participated in a recall race with his roommates and he was the recall champion of the day! Way to go Vimy!

  • Skills being learned: Standing on rear legs
  • Recent field trips: Moorecroft Regional Park – no public outings as per COVID-19 protocol.
  • Possible behavior challenges: N/A
  • Advanced training location: Vancouver Island
  • Potential career path: Service

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Vimy!

Submitted by: Advanced Instructor Rob Mackay