Wallaby attended a 2 hour show in a theater with me. He was a super star and slept quietly under my chair the whole time. Wallaby also attended a Fencing tournament. He did not bark at any of the masked fencers, nor did he react to the noise in the gym. He was happy to meet and greet with many of the students participating in the tournament and did his part to ease the nerves of our first-time competitors.

Recently, Wallaby helped a student at school. Wallaby had not met this student before, but we stopped to help when we could see the student was upset and the teachers were having a hard time calming the child down. This student has trouble with self-regulation, so his melt downs are frequent. I went over and asked the student if Wallaby could help. The student looked at Wallaby, stopped crying, and sat on the floor. Wallaby lay down with his head in the student’s lap and he was much calmer very quickly.

Wallaby continues to be a sweet sweet gentle dog. He is quick and eager to learn. He does have moments of being a little stubborn, but is easily redirected. He is polite with people and other dogs and is gentle and interactive with my students. He is a lovely dog!

Submitted By: Michelle Vally