YAHTZEE is enjoying working on skills and really enjoys when he gets to tug. He has been having more challenges with barking and we are continuing to explore if he can reduce his barking to a lower level that will allow him to continue working towards a service career. When he is not spending time working with Ashley and various advanced training volunteers, he loves to have a good play in the yard with his kennel buddy Mara. The two can often be found snuggled up together as they rest in between playtime and training sessions.

  • Skills being learned: ‘Open the door’, ‘behind’, ‘my lap’, ‘up’, retrieve.
  • Recent field trips: Metrotown Mall, Trout Lake, Lougheed Mall, other field trips with Ashley and advanced training volunteers.
  • Possible behavior challenges: Alert & suspicion barking in the home or at some people in public.
  • Advanced training location: Burnaby
  • Potential career path: Service

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Yahtzee!

Submitted by: Apprentice Instructor Ashley Siddals