We were lucky enough to win a trip on VIA rail from Vancouver to Jasper and so brought Yoki with us. She settled beautifully on the 20 hour train journey during which she had no accidents; this with only one 30 minute stop in Kamloops at 2 am (we did discreetly allow her to pee on a pee pad on the platform between train cars).  She happily curled up in tight spaces to sleep, relax or chew a toy.  She won the hearts of many of our fellow passengers and almost all of the train staff.  She was a perfect PADS ambassador!

In Jasper she happily frolicked on the nature trails, settled nicely in restaurants and in our hotel room and didn’t even lose her mind when we happened upon some elk.  She was sadly disappointed when the hotel dog, Stanley, showed no interest whatsoever in playing with her!

Yoki remains, for the most part, easy to teach and she loves to practice her skills. We have turned a corner with her BGN which is now great and she has not had an accident in a month. We are currently working on Yoki’s dog distraction and default leave it.  She is very excitable around dogs and hasn’t quite (or at all) mastered the art of leaving everything where it is.

Submitted By: Lori Torlone