Yoki loves and hates pandemic times.  We are all home all of the time and she loves that, but we are home ALL OF THE TIME so she finds that a little boring too.

 She’ll occasionally whine at us when she wants us to know that life is particularly boring. She misses off-leash zooms but likes the longer walks she is getting these days.

She is still happy to put her cape on at home and finds training sessions to be more fun than ever!


She is working on her old school skills.  We have sharpened her “touch” and are fine tuning her “bed”.  “Perch” is great fun but she sometimes fails to distinguish between “perch” and “jump on” because both are super fun.  Her “go in” skills need some work but “sit” “stand” “down” and “roll” are solid.  She is still a little unclear on “heel” and “side” and becomes completely confused if we should attempt either while I am sitting in a chair.  We’re working on it and mostly having fun doing it!

Submitted By: Lori Torlone