Yoki continues to be bright, eager to work and just as eager to play. She learns quickly and loves a good training session (read kibble feeding!).

We are working on her duration, her dog distraction and her counter surfing. She finds duration a little boring, other dogs to be VERY exciting and the counter tops to be very interesting places! (We’re working on it, I promise!)

She continues to be a superstar in very busy public places and seems unfazed by almost everything. With the holiday season, she visited the (very busy) mall, a Breakfast with Santa, a dinner party, IKEA, the kids’ school and several coffee shops. She remained calm and easygoing in each of these places (if a little focused on her kibble). She even left the Christmas tree alone at home!

Santa brought Yoki three stuffies and a can of tuna so she thinks Christmas is probably all right.

Submitted By: Lori Torlone