Yoki is a lovely, easy going pup that learns easily and is happy to work. She sleeps well and loves her kennel. She also adjusts really well and is able to settle in a variety of environments. She absolutely loves her adventures on the trails and in the doggy parks. Other dogs are the best!


Yoki loves to put everything that isn’t tied down (and a few things that are) into her mouth so we are working on that. She is definitely making progress but I think we have a ways to go before she understands that what is on the ground is not for her. We are also working on her toiletting as she is still prone to accidents in the house, though she does have a pretty good bgn.

This is our first month with Yoki and though having a puppy definitely has its challenges, we feel really lucky that such a lovely pup landed in our laps.

Submitted By: Lori Torlone