Yoki continues to love playing “find it” with her ball. She is only allowed indoors and during training/play sessions. We are starting to hide the ball on separate floors (we live in a 4 level townhouse), and she never gives up or loses interest until she has found that ball! I am pretty sure she would play this game all day.

We’ve had some fun times at the beach this month as Yoki seems to have only recently discovered that she is indeed a water dog. If we’re near a large body of water, it is tough for her to hold it together. And pay attention to her handler for long enough to actually get let off the leash and be let in. She is slowly learning that she has to focus and work hard to keep her attention on us, though, so we are making progress! She cannot for the life of her understand why no one will throw sticks or a ball into the water for her. It is clearly the most obvious and awesome choice for Yoki when at the beach with a labrador!

Submitted by: Lori