Yoki remains a happy but chill little pup who loves to play and work, and learns so quickly it often amazes me. She has been on planes, trains and automobiles, also buses and sky train. She has visited the school, the office, the grocery store, the coffee shop, the restaurant, hotels, Costco, IKEA, and almost all of these multiple times. She does so well out in the world! 

She settles nicely at home, too. We are working on her default “leave it” which is a concept that still seems to elude her, but we are making progress.  There is nothing more interesting to Yoki than other dogs so she has high dog distraction and it is difficult to get her to focus on us if there are dogs around.  We’re working on that too.  Finally, Yoki has developed curiosity about what is on the counter top and sees no reason why she shouldn’t stand on her hind legs and check it all out.  We’ve implemented strategies to nip this in the bud and will hopefully make quick progress on this. 

Life with Yoki is an adventure and we’re all learning so much!

Submitted By: Lori Torlone