Yoki’s loose leash walk is really coming along! I no longer have to have my attention on her every second. She now pretty reliably walks nicely beside me. I just have to keep an eye out for squirrels and delicious looking things on the ground. She does still have a weakness for those and needs to be worked through it, but she is even getting better with that.

Her favourite thing about pandemic life is that she gets to walk in Pacific Spirit Park more often and she thinks that part is really great! Her recall on the trails and her engagement are really solid. She loves to go off an sniff and run for a minute and is at my side again without fail (she particularly enjoys the kibble that freely comes when she does this!)

We are working on her house manners and cat manners. She can be a little rude. She doesn’t mean it though. Counters are interesting and cats just want to be chased.

Submitted by: Lori