I was spayed at the very end of August so I spent my first couple of weeks in September taking it (too) easy. No playing with other doggos. No swimming. No zoomies! I guess getting your puppy pouch removed is a big deal. Sigh. Anyhow, once I was all healed up I was allowed to have real adventures again.

I am a very good girl on the trails and I check-in with my raiser all of the time (for kibbles!). I have also only recently discovered that I LOVE swimming. Swimming is not an important service dog activity but it is a good time and my new favourite thing.

I’ve stayed mostly close to home this month with regular neighbourhood walks, a few trail zooms and the occasional grocery store adventure. (I am very good at Costco and only sometimes try to swipe delicious bits from the floor!).

Submitted by: Lori