There is much to report for April. Outings included Tsawwassen Mills Mall, Costco (2X), Save on Foods, Michael’s in Richmond, Westward Ho!, several restaurants, and Jericho Tennis Club. Just last night, we went to Jericho early (5:30) because previously, when we’d gone a bit later, all tables were full. That meant a longer stay because the buffet doesn’t open until 6:00. We left at 7:00 = 1 1/2 hours when York went “go in” and stayed put quietly; he was ready to leave when I reached for my coat! 

Another happening worth writing about was family house guests, including two children, Raffa, 6 1/2, and Layla, almost 3. York became patiently acquainted with them, allowed them to pet him, and even took kibble gently from Raffa’s hand. When house guests left, COVID arrived! Fortunately, the cases were fairly mild due to vaccines, but I was in bed for four days. Michael faithfully walked York, and my treat was hearing them return, York bounding up the stairs, feeling his front paws on my bed, feeling his breath on my cheek. Often York chose to lie down on the floor at the foot of my bed or in his open kennel across from my bed and rest with me. We’ve been back to normal for several days–thank goodness! Training has included duration: twice we achieved a 3 min. Stand, a 5 min. Sit, a 7 min. Down; once outdoors in the garden and once inside the house. On both, I wandered, leaving York on his own; I also used the MTC (Margaret Training Challenge) by stepping over him and tempting him with kibble at his nose. 

We will continue to work on York’s patience when standing in line, waiting our turn. Otherwise, York is a very attentive boy who wants to please. We continue to enjoy his presence! 

Submitted by: Sandra.