August was a blue ribbon month for York! Apologies for the length of this pupdate, but there’s much to tell!

First, York’s picture was submitted for ‘Tongue out Tuesday’!

Second, several pups enjoyed playing Tic Tac Toe in teams Capes & Fur at a puppy class in early August.

York visited Southlands Heritage Farm twice to get close to chickens, ducks, goats, and horses in anticipation of visiting the 4H barns at PNE. And we had no problems with any of the critters, including moving dinosaurs with sounds at the PNE!

At a family gathering in Vernon, York enjoyed wading in clear, beautiful lake water for the first time (no swimming, though). There were seven people AND another dog–York enjoyed interacting without jumping on people, and he learned to live & play & snuggle with Charlie, a dog larger and a bit older than York. (This was incredibly exciting, satisfying, and awesome for me to see.) In Vernon, it’s called a “pup cup” instead of a puppuccino!

Since we’d gone to the PNE on our own, we didn’t join the group on a field trip there. But we made our own field trip to UBC by bus: we checked out Music’s R. B. Hall to practise for fall noon-hour concerts; walked among many groups of new students enjoying Jump Start tours on Main Mall; found interesting surfaces, one with air (!); visited the Bookstore, but York was too excited to “Wait”; went up/down stairs at the UBC Student Nest to look down from three floors up; sadly, the lineup was waaaayyyy too long at Starbucks for our latte & puppuccino. This was York’s longest bus ride in a long time, and he settled well, “Go in” under the seat.

Other blue ribbons are also awarded for target with a paw, on cue; our best ever shop at Save on Foods (attentive, cooperative, patient); just today, York responded to “Wait” when we waited to pay at Shoppers.

WOW! August: What A Month!!!!

Submitted by: Sandra