So much to tell! First, “Thank you for waiting.” is my most frequently used phrase with York II! He is very patient– waiting for me to do this or that before I attend to him. I forgot to tell before that York outgrew the need for the X-pen back in late December. Further, he now goes to “Bed” in the kitchen when we’re cooking and/or cleaning up after a meal–and without kibble, and he stays there until “Release!” 

York’s car routine is solid, and as can be seen in the photo, he waits patiently to be invited out with “Here.” We’ve been out & about frequently this past month–to shops for mailing packages, to buy food. Sometimes York waits patiently in line, but not always. I’ve wished for a second pair of eyes to see York 110% of the time a couple of times. We were waiting in line for our turn, and I thought all was going smoothly, BUT York saw a person standing just behind us and chose to jump on the person. “Oh dear, I’m very sorry.” “It’s OK.” “No, it’s not OK for him to jump on people. He still has a lot to learn, and we’re working on it.” 

“Go in” is becoming more reliable in different settings: waiting under the counter at the post office while I was mailing a package, York stayed in a ‘down’ the whole time–that was a first! So, we continue to practise the 3 Ds with sit, stand, down, and in various environments. 

This weekend we plan to attend a UBC hockey game where there could be many distractions! It will be very good practice! York is a very good puppy, and we continue to enjoy his presence. Oh my, he’ll be ONE YEAR OLD in MARCH!!!! 

Submitted by: Sandra