It was a very busy and positive month:

  • many “go ins” at restaurants & on buses & trains = improved duration, for sure
  • several very good perfect loose leash walks
  • improved recall in woods when meeting/playing with other dogs off leash
  • less lunging meeting dogs on leash
  • record duration for stand (3 min), sit (4 min), down (5 min) and with Margaret’s distractions of stepping over (front to back & back to front) and waving food in front of nose
  • jumping into back of car and consistently leaving car with “Here” then “Side” then “Let’s go” positions/responses.

Oops: tried to attend a VSO rehearsal one morning as invited guests, BUT York didn’t appreciate high pitched violins and piccolo or banging, clanging percussion during the symphony’s warm up. I went out and hoped to hear at least one piece in the hall, but it was clear that York was not going to settle. We left. Maybe this month. We’ll see… I’d also like York to respond more quickly AND without kibble; sometimes it’s as though York is holding out for food. I’m going to just wait him out. Otherwise, life with York is very pleasant.

Submitted by: Sandra