There are pictures in this month’s Pupdate showing York under things because we’re working on “go in” to prepare for a first bus ride this coming month and a first concert in September! Right now, we’re at the offered stage for “go in” and we’re very happy about this progress.

York enjoyed his first playdate with Swift at P. Sanderson’s; her photo shows size difference between 4 & 7 month old pups!!!! York went to Stationary 2000 and Bosley’s and had his first outing to London Drugs with sliding doors, elevator, people in aisles–well done with attending & treats as we passed people. York has good sit duration and even waits for the addition of “here” before moving when recalled. Tuck sit is becoming reality; pop-up stand and folded down are well done.

York loves “perch,” and will stay in position for quite a long time encouraged by “Gooooooood” and treats. We continue to work on mouthing when excited and avoiding picking up bits & pieces when on walks or even when just sniffing on his own. Barking for attention is slightly less than last month – progress. YORK still likes cuddles, but is almost too big now for ‘my lap’. I’ll move to the cushion on the floor soon for cuddles! Looking forward to making more progress in all areas during the coming month. Looking forward, too, to first walks in nearby woods in August.

Submitted by: Sandra