Where did July go???!!!The past month included many outings: to restaurants, neighbourhood shops, Tsawwassen Mills Mall (good place to get cool in our summer heat), in person puppy class with SEVEN other pups. All training areas continue with noted progress except for the transfer of “Wait” when in a busy site. One visit to a very busy Starbucks, with a long line for service was embarrassing with York jumping up on me and pulling back. Even a barrister noticed and said, “He might flunk!” OH DEAR!!! We left. The next day we went to a less busy Starbucks for a much more successful experience–AND a puppuccino (photo)!

Early morning woods walks provide many opportunities for practicing down,stand, perch, jump on, and attentiveness when meeting dogs.

At 16 months, maybe we’re nearing the end of adolescence because York seems to us to be more attentive and eager to please. For example, he now rarely waits about 10 seconds before responding to our request, whereas before, this was frequent behaviour. York is an eager learner, seems to relish engagement during training. As well, he is often able to be calm and chill out around the house.

York still has learning needs. For example, the photo of York walking beside the cart at Costco is a brief moment of success; soon after, he became ‘squirrelly’–showed impatience and agitation (by the many people and busyness of the place?) by pulling back and stopping. Our learning? Take York to less busy places to shop and practise.

August: will continue all training areas AND add animals via a local farm and PNE! Fun times ahead!

Submitted by: Sandra