York II had another fun-filled month. Just like last month, York spent some of the time with sitters, some time with trainers, and a few times all together! This month’s field trips included many Burnaby, North Vancouver, White Rock, Vancouver, and New Westminster locations. He went to coffee shops, a gym, a movie (Mission Impossible – he slept through it), Lougheed Mall, Market Crossing Mall, and a few different parks. York has developed an eclectic taste in music – he went from listening to a live Blues band at an outdoor street party to listening to opera and the VSO at an outdoor concert at Deer Lake. York went kayaking off of Crescent Beach, and he is a natural. He still gets pretty excited with other PADS dogs around and forgets to keep four feet on the floor. This month we focussed on exploring self-regulation in different environments and maintaining calm when greeting new people. He has really great loose leash walking in many different environments, which makes long walks with him a real pleasure.

Thank you for all your support of Advanced Dog York II!

Advanced training location: West Coast 

Submitted by: Margaret, AFD & PSTD Training Program Manager