Theme song: “Me and My Shadow” because York is attentive and is happy to be wherever we are–usually York is following me, but IF I’m away, he’s equally attentive to Michael. We have both noticed a change in York’s behaviour in the past week: from being a 13-week old puppy to becoming a 14-week old small dog. York seemed to us to take a big step in growing up: less time in the X-pen and more time settling in rooms (with chews) where we are. Also, he listens and attends more; response in training is very positive.

Stairs are no longer a challenge! It is a pleasure to have a short nail trimming session frequently with York–he allows it with no fuss at all! Before and after the heat wave we went on lots of short woods walks including a first play-date with Sable & Cana. During heat wave, we stayed cool in our unoccupied basement suite and had short walks outside in our garden. A wading pool helped York stay cool! We’re looking forward to person-to-person classes at the Charles Rummel Park in mid-July!!!!

Submitted by: Sandra