June was a busy month, with progress noted in many areas. We drove to Pacific Centre to buy a birthday present at The Bay; rode elevators up/down with several people, with no problem at all. Photo op on the high fashion floor, sat on a bench in the mall, and a very close “Here” while many people walked past us. We took the traditional Father’s Day woods walk with photo ops–“Jump on!” Good progress was made in the area of patience, waiting at check out at Save on Foods. Also, York’s best duration “Go in” at the post office (at least 5 minutes while mailing a package). As assigned in class, “wait” and do nothing/go nowhere: the photo shows York sitting in the car while watching the activity around us. Ah, heat: summer, 2021 and summer, 2022. Ongoing training is the duration for bus riding “Go in”–progress in practise mode, but we haven’t tested it on an actual bus ride. Maybe in July… We have enjoyed two in-person classes in June and anticipate more during summer. York responds very well, even when other dogs are present.

Submitted by: Sandra