Happiness is welcoming another PADS puppy into our home–YORK II!

Where to begin? Thanks to PADS input for our first week with Puppy. We have enjoyed it all, including highlights such as: Noise Party, Novelty Party, BG, Balance/Surfaces Walk, clicker engagement, recall and restrictive recall, body handling, nail clippers to toes, puppy yoga, 2-toy exchange, loose leash walking (twice now around our block), short woods walk and car riding. York is responsive and quick to learn. He’s confident now to go upstairs but is still reluctant to go down the long stairs (from the main floor to basement; from the kitchen to deck). When outside, York is very happy to just sit & listen & watch everything–from birds to trucks. York is a very good sleeper: the first night with us was a 5-hour stretch before BG; the last four nights have been 8, 9, 8, 9 hour sleeps for both of us!!!! House training is right on track–I am still the one initiating BG.

Improvement is needed in the following areas: no zoomies in the house; no whining on car rides; no darting in front of a person when loose leash walking. Thank goodness for the XPen, where York is very happy to enjoy his daily naps; he sleeps through all the banging of pots & pans & whirring mixers in the kitchen. Over & out…right now, as I write, York is enjoying his morning nap. In about another 30 minutes or so, he’ll wake and be ready for more of the above learning activities!

Submitted by: Sandra