We enjoyed a family woods walk on Mother’s Day. The White Spot has now been added to York’s restaurant choices. YEAH: first person-to-person, four pups present class was held successfully in mid-May at the PADS campus! Also, in midMay, York demonstrated accomplishment in durations: 3-minute stand, 5-minute sit, and 20-minute down. I wandered into the house and applied TMD (the Margaret distraction, which is to step over the dog and to entice the dog with food at its nose)–success! We took four short bus trips to/from local shops–York’s ‘go in’ is solid, but he needs to learn to stay settled when riding the bus. More walkarounds at Save-on-Foods with shopping cart; York has not yet applied ‘do nothing’ on neighbourhood walks to Save on Foods. We will continue to work on this as well as staying under the seat on a bus ride. Is York, at 53 lbs, too big to be a lap dog? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!

Submitted by: Sandra