We have had a busy month with visits to a mall (Tsawwassen Mills X2) & to UBC (X2), where we have practised “go in” and calmness (sit & down) in a variety of locations: benches, tables, sofas, chairs, in front of window displays. Steady, gradual progress is noted, but we need to continue this focus. At home, duration was achieved for sit (3 min.), down (5 min.), stand (2 min.) with me leaving York in position when I wandered through the house and stepped over him frequently. We also practise stand when out on woods walks for short intervals. York has enjoyed woods walks with P. Sanderson and other people and their dogs; there is always a good report regarding recall and engagement (checking in) and less humping. Sometimes when we’re on a woods walk, and York is on leash, we meet other dogs, and York pulls very hard on the leash to interact with the dogs. I’ve mentioned this and asked trainers for help in my monthly report. To end on a positive note, York continues to enjoy training and is progressing in all basics.

Submitted by: Sandra