Two steps forward (actually more than two!); one step backward. York OFFERS ‘jump on’ & ‘chin’ & ‘go in’ (at home when we eat a meal). The one step backward: York has discovered that counter surfaces are potentially interesting! This is NOT a BIG problem, just something new that we’re aware of and working to discourage—otherwise, progress in all areas of training for a six-month-old puppy. 

We’ve tried to maintain all durations listed in the document “Skills & Behaviors 2 – 6 Months of Age.” To date: 5-minute ‘down’ with 2 ups; 3-minute ‘sit’ with one up; so far, no duration for ‘stand.’ YES, to ‘bed’ for 3 minutes; ‘perch’ for longer than 30 seconds; a 5-second ‘chin’; ‘touch’ from at least 3 feet away. 

Pictures show that York has enjoyed several woods outings–with Nootka; with Finesse & French. I gradually tried longer bus rides but realized that I was bribing York to stay under the bus seat. That’s NOT acceptable; NOT a good approach to this behaviour. Hence, bus rides are on hold for a while. We continue to enjoy York’s presence. Now that he’s a bit older, he can enjoy longer woods walks–and we enjoy them with him!

Submitted by: Sandra