The month’s predominant focus:

-neighbourhood walks around shops to practice sit, stand, down duration with distractions: good progress

-“go in” under a bench for a long time waiting for the bus, BUT when on a moving bus, York does NOT stay under the seat

-two in-person classes: one with ten other dogs proved to be a major distraction for York; the second class with fewer dogs (7 others) was more successful attention-wise

-outing to MacDonald Beach: great place IF dog is ‘free,’ but not so good for an intact male (York)

-ultrasound at PADS request “due to genetics” = cryptorchidism

-neuter surgery (yesterday) at PADS request

Today, September 30th, the day after surgery, York is showing no pain, really no sign of surgery. Of course, we’re restraining his activity as requested by Dr. Hopkins at Burquitlam Animal Hospital. York is very accepting of wearing the cone and body suit.

Turn-in: sometime in November!!!! York is ready, but I’m not so sure that I am!!!!

Submitted by: Sandra