In July, I met my puppy-raiser and went to house-sit with her and my new “siblings” for a few weeks. Along with my “siblings” (2 dogs and a cat), I lived with some rabbits and several other dogs while house-sitting, including Hero, the first PADS dog my puppy-raiser raised that now works as an AFD in a school.

It was extremely hot this month, so we spent a lot of time napping at home, learning to settle around lots of other dogs (and rabbits and the cat…), interspersed with quick play sessions outside and time in the kiddy pool to keep cool – then back inside to lay in front of the fan!

I went on my first few public outings to the grocery store and to renew car insurance, and the human says I did well for such a young pup! I especially enjoyed these outings for the air conditioning – and abundance of kibble! Despite the heat, I made sure to snuggle up to my puppy pals lots!

Submitted by: Heather Cochrane