When I first got Yukon at the start of the month, we were set to leave for a 12 day road trip through BC, so for the first couple of weeks, we got to spend every moment together – taking long hikes, running on beaches, sleeping in tents, etc.

He is a very good, confident boy with some funny behavioural traits and a few issues to work on, but I like working on those kinds of issues. He does some alarm barking and has a fear of swimming. Currently, the biggest thing that we are working on is reducing the barking and building a high degree of trust & bonding.

For training, we are working on command recognition. He is very food motivated and can be lured into anything, but it seems as though he has been so focused on food that some of the verbal commands have not solidified to memory. He will actively try things when given a command without a lure, which is helpful, and he is connecting the meaning of verbal commands quickly. The main commands we are working on are “heel”, “side” and “go in”.

Submitted By: Alexander Watt