Hi everybody!  This month was full of lots of parties! I got to go to Grad at the high school my raiser works at. I did a very good job helping my raiser be an usher. Everyone thought I was really cute and they wanted to pet me but I made sure that I paid attention to my raiser the whole time, even if people were sneaking in butt pets, because I am a very good boy.

We also went to go see one of her students perform in the Calgary Youth Orchestra. We sat waaaaay up high and she let me do a perch so I could see down to where all the funny noises were coming from. She says I did really well because even when I got scared when something she says is called a gong made a really loud noise, I did not bark even a little bit.

AND I went to a 1 year old’s birthday party! My raiser thought it would be nice for me to wear a party hat but I was not impressed. She says it is important for me to try new things but I am not so sure.

Hope you all enjoy the beginning of summer!  Until next time! – Yukon

Submitted By: Ashley Verhappen