Zoom had a busy March. At the beginning of the month, he had a playdate with his sister, Swift, and his first beach day. Spring break was very busy. He spent numerous days on the mountain and wasn’t phased at all the outfits, skis or boards. He went dirt biking and got used to all the people and noisy bikes. He spent many days at the lacrosse field. Also, he watched kids play soccer/baseball, but his favourite thing to watch was the skateboarders and scooters. Zoom is 99% potty trained and knows his “this way” command, and loves the nice command. Zoom has mastered his car rides and finds it’s a great place to take a nap. We are working on longer durations for his loose leash walking and his collar pressure. After being on vacation for the last 5 weeks, Zoom will be headed back to “work” in April.

Submitted by: Heidi