DSCN1712-2Zumba has been very busy this spring “helping” in the garden and going to student de-stressing days at Simon Fraser University.  Mum just doesn’t appreciate Zumba’s help in the garden and doesn’t understand that the dirt out of flower pots needs to be spread out on the lawn, and that the clematis vines need to be tugged straight so she can rearrange them properly on the fence!!  Mum did appreciate Zumba’s holding his sit for this photo when he really just wanted to steal her garden gloves and hand shovel, and to deadhead the flowers before they were dead!!  

Zumba is very good at “mine” and “yours” (except when it’s flower pots).  When we were at SFU the other day I wrote his name in kibble and he completely left it alone and made a point of not looking at it.  Eventually he decided to have a little snooze, and as he lay down his head he realized that he was about to lay on the kibble.  He actually recoiled – no way he was going to touch that kibble that wasn’t “his”.  He is SO sweet!!!