August was a great month for my family and me.  We went camping to Birkenhead Lake again.  Mum and Dad were so proud of me because I was a really good boy and had much better self-control than on our June camping trip, even though there were lots of people throwing balls and sticks and lots of other dogs to play with.  The first week we had lovely weather so we got to do lots of swimming.  I made sure to swim out and check up on anybody that screamed or splashed a lot of water.  I got to practice my “jump on” on a huge log sticking out of the water.

Zumba Aug 2015 DSCN1967 smlThe second week wasn’t so good as there was torrential rain for most of the week, and every time we started to go for a walk it would rain again.  It was quite cold and Mum was worried about me being cold and wet, but I was snug as a bug when Mum tucked me in every night.  Our camping trip was even better because several of my very favourite people in the world joined us for a few days.

All that swimming helped to get rid of the last of the skunk smell, so now there is just the occasional whiff of skunk when I’m wet.

Mum is very excited but emotional that I’ll be having my assessment [for Advanced Training] in September.  Hopefully I will be in the 2016 graduating class.



Submitted by amazing PADS Puppy-in-Training, Zumba, and his brillant PADS Volunteer Puppy Raisers, Nola & Frank Chanroux.