Zumba Jan 2015 DSCN1862 smlMy Mum and I have started babysitting two of my little grand-boys (11 mos and 3 yrs) full time so it has been late in the (rainy) days when we got out for our walks and we didn’t have a good picture to go with the pupdate.

I love going on any walks especially once Mum takes my leash off so I can run into the bushes and explore. My favourite walk is probably Tynehead Park because there is lots to sniff in the forest, lots of friends to play with and lots of MUD and water to splash around in. I’m filthy by the time we are ready to leave! The downside of that is that my people wash me with the hose (how degrading!), but there is a silver lining to every cloud – after the wash-down, my Mum brings me into the house and dries me with her hairdryer. That is bliss – all that warm air blowing on me while Mum fluffs up my fur. Emoji!

Sometimes when Mum is drying her own hair, if I hang around her enough, she will give me a bit of a “dry.” We also love to go to Derby Reach where there are lots of friends to play with and I can have a little swim in the river. Delta Nature Reserve, Serpentine Fen, Blackie Spit and Green Timbers are pretty good, too. Today, we walked (and swam) for 3 hours at Spanish Banks – it was really fun because there were big waves crashing in to the beach.

Well, I’m going to do a bit of training with Mum now, then we need to hit the hay and get rested up for the grand-boys who arrive at 6:45 in the morning. They are lots of fun, especially since they try to feed me their puffies all the time. I follow them around when they push their little cars and make funny car noises, and I let them crawl all over me. I don’t mind sharing my toys with them, but Mum won’t let me chew their toy dinosaurs. I don’t mind sharing Mum with the boys either, but when Mum hugs, them I want to be part of that hug also!

Well, cheerio for now.

Submitted by our sensational PADS Puppy-in-Training, Zumba, and his amazing PADS Volunteer Puppy Raisers, Nola & Frank Chanroux.