Zumba July1Zumba is a nosy Parker – he needs to be involved in everything that is going on – including the construction of a couple of denim covers for some PADS equipment.  He was right in there watching every step of the way, and wanting to “help”.  Zumba’s favourite game at the moment is “Give” which he especially likes to play when I am having my morning coffee.  He will offer several of his favourite toys and will sit there until I tell him to give, then will let go of the toy and wait for me to give it back to him to hold, then give to me again.  He also likes to have a few games of tug while we are at it.  Zumba has been a “regular” kind of a guy lately as he has been helping me to pick blackberries, which he adores, and for the past week has been checking under the plum tree for any fallen plums that I haven’t picked up yet.  

Submitted by our fantastic PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Nola Chanroux