Zumba July 2015 DSCN1968 smlHere I am, one sad little puppy.  I was supposed to go for my turn-in assessment [for Advanced Training] the week of July 20.  The night before Mum gave me an extra special grooming so I would look my best – I was so handsome and I smelled so good.

Alas, when Mum let me out for my last “better go now” of the night I spotted the cutest little black and white furry creature – I just wanted to play but he was not friendly!!  In fact he sprayed my mouth and face and chest with the worst greasy goopy smelly mess I have ever encountered.  It was so bad I didn’t even want to roll in it.  Mum was very distressed, and gave me the longest shower I have ever had, but she still wasn’t satisfied and before she would let me in to go to bed she shampooed me with vinegar, with hydrogen peroxide/baking powder (she was all out of soda) and Dawn, then with dog shampoo.  And then I had to go to bed without even having our puppy yoga!!

The next day she took me in to PADS, but they didn’t want me – Todd gave Mum yet more shampoo and Margaret said we needn’t go to puppy class that night.  Since then I have had so many dates with the hose that the down-hill neighbour actually had green grass and even had to mow his lawn.  Mum washed me with all sorts of concoctions, including Coke and Clamato Juice since she was out of tomato juice.  It took a few weeks before I smelled good again (when dry) but I am still a bit raunchy when I’m wet.  I hope I never meet one of those obnoxious creatures ever again and if I do I do not want to play with it!


Submitted by marvelous PADS Puppy-in-Training, Zumba, and his dedicated PADS Volunteer Puppy Raisers, Nola & Frank Chanroux.