Meet Vimy and his partner Anne. Together they completed team training earlier this year and are now a fully certified Service Dog Team.

Vimy was whelped in the Lower Mainland by Rory & Teri Banks and stayed in the West Coast region while he completed his puppy-raising journey with Joan & Mark. Once it was time for Vimy to attend Advanced Training, he headed to Vancouver Island to meet his trainer and the Vancouver Island Advanced Sitting team (Nancy, Linda & Ron, Corry & Richard  and Lorri-Anne). Throughout Advanced Training, Vimy made it clear that he was a great match for Service Dog work and was placed with a client shortly after completing his pre-placement testing.

We are very grateful to everyone on #TeamVimy for their amazing support of this big, lovable, handsome pup. We can’t wait to see what their future holds.

Vimy's Pupdates

To read more about Vimy’s journey throughout puppy-raising, check out his Pupdates below.

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