Join us Tuesday, October 25th at 1:00 PM PDT when we speak with Karlissa and Kenedi of Hugo + Toast, our new Corporate Sponsors. We will also be joined by Breeder-Caretaker Tracy, who will give us an update on Mama PADS Quince and her litter of 13 pups who are being sponsored by Hugo + Toast and will be given the joyous task of naming these little cuties.

You may remember that Quince had a very large litter of puppies. In order to help them all thrive, 3 of the puppies are being cared for by Mama PADS Autumn (who also had 3 puppies of her own around the same time) and her Breeder-Caretaker Kaye. Don’t be surprised if Autumn & Kaye makes a guest appearance as well!