April was a great month for Andre. Things have started opening up he got in some visits with people and other dogs he hadn’t met yet. 

We did a foreshore walk where Andre met Cheeta, who was rumoured to not like many other dogs. Still, after their initial hesitation, they walked like long-time pals. Cheeta even growled at an over-exuberant dog that came Andre’s way. She warned that the dog should stay away. He’s in my pack! Even though Andre is naturally a handsome fellow, he took it up a notch for Easter and bought 2 new bow ties.

Andre has not met many young people to date, but he fell in awe of Jorja, a lovely 10-year-old girl staying with a friend of ours. She called him Handsome, not Andre and gave him a lot of pats and affection, spending much of the evening on the floor with him. 

Andre transitions well to other homes. In April, he met 2 new sitters who took him on adventures for a walk on Burnaby Mountain with his half-brother Captain and a visit with his pop Cleat to his first Skytrain experience. The world is definitely expanding for Andre. Andre continues to work on his cues and has been having regular meet-ups with other PADS pups for informal training sessions. Now an adolescent, he will once in a while pull a bit of an attitude, but we know it’s just a phase (even most of us went through that phase ourselves LOL). Besides, he usually snaps right out of it when a treat is near. 

Andre settles quite well and is a really good sleeper and napper – we all enjoy hearing him snore, snuffle and make little noises while he dreams. He’s ahhhhhhhhhhdorable

Submitted by: Diana Bunyk