August was a BIG month for Andre II – he turned 1 year old! Although still an adolescent, his cheeky adolescent behaviours seem to be waning. His attentiveness during training sessions is rebounding. Andre celebrated his birthday twice. Once with his sister Quinn with a playful wrestle, romp and then settle for pup-cakes in her backyard and the second during an informal training class, where Quinn and his other sister Maggie attended along with guests, Jalapeño, Pimento and Champ. A great time was had by all – lots of festivity and TREATS! 

Andre visited overnight with sitter Greg, which is always a delight, taking walks in the ravine, a visit to Greg’s mother-in-law’s and maybe a store or two. Andre has a man crush on Greg and is always reluctant to leave. We had 4-month-old Orion come and stay with us for a day. Orion and Andre got on really well. With the two side by side, it was easy to see how much Andre had grown physically, socially and skill-wise. 

Andre was able to attend the Burnaby Association of Marine Modelers Summer Regatta, where sitter Elyse and her husband were participating. Andre navigated all the distractions beautifully: boats, dogs, people and geese! 

Towards the end of the month, Andre will be heading for an extended stay with a sitter so Raiser Diana can head off for a well-deserved vacation. It’s hard for her to think of 3 weeks without him, but she is confident he will be in good hands and will learn much. Hopefully, he’ll have much to tell about it in next Month’s Pupdate. 

Submitted by: Diana Bunyk