Andre is an energetic, bright pup who will soon be 5 months old. He is eager to learn. Mind you I think he believes he’s teaching me. For example for the cue “target “ Andre crosses the room and touches his paw to small bell on the floor and returns for his reward (a small piece of kibble). I had left the bell on the floor when I answered the phone. Without the cue Andre kept walking to ring the bell and return for his reward. The friend I was on the phone with laughed as we agreed Andre was turning me into his personal kibble dispenser. I now pick up the bell at the end of the exercise.

Andre likes a cuddle once in a while draping himself across my legs. He’s definitely settling down. Although his first snowfall and Christmas had him zipping and zooming like the character pup he is. Andre is a hit anytime we are out in public, drawing ooohs and ahhhs wherever we go.

Submitted by: Raiser Diana