As 2022 comes to a close, Andre is now 16 months old, 17 in the first week of January.

Time has flown by this last year, and Andre has learned so much and come so far. Although he still embodies a puppy in so many ways, he has navigated adolescence and is moving toward an adult dog. Mind you, as you’ll see in the picture attached, he doesn’t quite fit in a lap anymore. Now, he’ll often rest his chin on our legs or beside where we sit, just to be close.

Cues that were once difficult to master seem so simple now. That being said, there is a lot of work ahead for Andre, and like all of us, sometimes he struggles. His strong desire to please will continue to serve him well and set him up for success as the PADS team analyze which path he is most suited for.

Andre spent time with a couple of sitters earlier this month, and they were very complimentary about his behaviours and skills.

Our in-person class was at Metrotown this month. Andre navigated the mall like a champ. If it weren’t for the fact that his hormones and excitement get the best of him around the female pups, he would have aced it. His barks say, “look at me, come play with me, let’s be friends …” Dog and human excitement will settle out with time.

This month we spent a fair amount of time at home, just relaxing. Andre can handle long walks, but he’s just as happy with a few short ones, which were great when the winter snow and ice hit hard. Andre frolicked in the snow, sometimes hopping on 3 legs until I could reach him and free the snow from the pads of his paw. He’d zoom about in large circles, the snow lifting and creating a shimmering halo around him.

Andre is a healthy, happy pup who touches the hearts and lives of all he meets.

Submitted by: Diane Bunyk