February 2022 Andre turned 6 months old this month. He celebrated by having a play date with his Dad Cleat; a walk, an off-leash romp and then settling at a coffee shop. Andre did well off-leash, his recall getting better with each experience. PADS Lucy (a 1-year-old golden) and he had a great time at a big off-leash park with lots of paths and other dogs. They even bumped into 4-month-old PADS Arwen. Andre continues to have a regular meet-up with his sisters Quinn and Maggie II and a few other PADS pups to work on distraction (dogs, people and things on the ground – some that smell soooo good to him). It’s been fun and educational. He’s had lots of outings, including Costco, Bass Pro Shop and other stores, a few restaurants. He has even worked with a few different sitters. Andre is becoming a well-rounded pup learning to concentrate on his human and to settle well while the human interacts with other humans or pups. He still prefers when he’s getting all the attention but then who doesn’t (wink). 

Submitted by: Diana