Andre II had a busy, fun-filled month. Besides our everyday outings for groceries and appointments, we continue to work with an informal group of PADS pups. We meet regularly to concentrate on distractions and work on our cues with seasoned veteran raisers. The group includes his 2 sisters, Quinn and Maggie, a few older dogs and the odd time, a younger one as well. Andre does great and really seems to understand the learning opportunity focusing on the task we complete. Andre spent time with a few sitters this month. He spent just over a week with Sian, whose family includes cats and teenagers. Andre had a ball and even attended a gymnastic competition. Warmer weather has limited long walks outside, but sitter Greg has an amazing gully (very West Coast), which was nice, cool, and fun to explore. We had a coffee date with Papa Cleat (Andre’s Dad). Cleat army crawled under the table to nuzzle with his son. It was adorable to see. 

Adolescence continues! Much like some human adolescents, Andre puts on the brakes when he doesn’t feel like doing the task you request and gives a look that says, “What, why would I do that right now?” or “What’s in it for me?”

Andre continues to be a cuddly, sensitive pup and most often tries his best to execute his training and cues. The sitters welcome him back, and I’m reluctant to share him. A telling tale of a great pup!

Submitted by: Diana B.