Andre will be turning 10 months in a few weeks. He’s hit adolescence, which, much like human children, is a unique time; he’s pushing limits and at the early stages of exploring adulthood. Spring is in the air, which adds to his heightened awareness. Andre is still doing really well with his cues and is a quick learner. He enjoys learning and relaxing at home, being out and about in the community, and spending time with sitters. This month, we walked again with Cheeta (a lovely mixed-breed mature female). Both she and Andre were far more comfortable together this time as he was far more respectful of her space. A sitter and Andre walked again with his half-brother Captain, and they got along very well. We walk weekly with a friend in a motorized wheelchair who also has a mature female service dog. Andre has learned that she needs her space, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t try to add time to turn himself into a clown to get her attention (wink). 

Besides becoming good friends with a number of other dogs, sitters readily welcome back Andre into their homes and hearts. Andre gives great cuddles and seems to know just when you need one. He’ll sometimes just lay his chin on your leg or wait for you to invite him to lay across your lap or gently come in to nuzzle into your shoulder. He’s got a big heart, and it’s really starting to show!

Submitted by: Diana Bunyk