It is the end of November already, and what a month it was! Raiser Diana and Andre volunteered at the PADS booth during the Pet Lovers Show. Holy moly, there were so many animals there. It was a great experience; challenging, navigating all the people and dogs and also wandering through the narrow rows between booths, but eventually, Andre was able to walk by almost all of them without wavering.

Again, this month, Andre volunteered as a patient for the students studying Veterinary Nursing at Douglas College. Andre came out with small patches shaved on each leg where the students had practiced blood draws. Not his favourite day there, but the students said he was good and patient!

Andre and Raiser Diana experienced lots of outings, shopping, going to appointments and the office. To top it off, Andre really rocked his skills while attending the exhibit Beyond Tut at the Vancouver Convention Centre. We are lucky to be able to participate in in-person classes with our trainer and informal distraction classes with a group of other Raisers and pups. Exposure to these exercises helps Andre and Raiser Diana immensely.

Andre visited family friends who have 2 small children. Up until Andre’s visit, the little girl did not have good experiences with dogs. Slowly they became friends. Andre showed off his skill of waiting and being cued to have treats and taking them so nicely from little hands. Then he used those big brown eyes to plead for more. The children adored him. Andre always follows up when he meets new little humans by typing up a note thanking them and including a picture to seal the friendship and experience.

We had informal distraction training and an in-person class at the Scotia Barn ice rink.

Andre spent time with a sitter family, and he really enjoyed his time with them, and they enjoyed him too. They went to an art show and a hockey game, and they had a great yard. He enjoyed playing with their son (especially during the snowfall).

Andre had his GD Bart test (a personality type test), the results of which give PADS an indication as to what path Andre might want to take for his working career.

Andre works hard, plays hard and sleeps hard (the sitters commented on his snoring LOL)!

Submitted by: Diana Bunyk