September was a busy month for Andre II. Lots of great experiences with various handlers and homes. Raiser Diana was away for 3 weeks and Andre visited 3 different homes in that time, making a lasting impression on each sitter and their family. He and Diana are grateful and appreciate the time these individuals spent with Andre, broadening and enriching Andre’s world. New sights, new smells and new experiences while reinforcing the cues and expectations of a PADS pup.

We also had a field trip with trainer Tracy to the Vancouver Aquarium! Andre and 5 other pups, ranging in age from 10 weeks to 17 months, navigated our way through the exhibits, filled with adults, children, strollers, wagons and unique noises such as the sea lions barking. Andre was a rock star.

We’ve been spending more time around friends’ dogs as well; excitable and adorable 3-month-old Bugsy (an Aussie Shepard/Poodle cross) and calm and confident Clover (a husky). Most visits start off quite hectic, but each exposure to dogs is a great learning experience for Andre, who is still an adolescent.

Andre is on a solid trajectory to become a calm, confident, compassionate dog.

Submitted by: Diana