Scotia II is in a multi-dog household, and although her turn-in report says sometimes, she can be a bit uneasy towards dogs, this has been a seamless transition for her. She has been hanging out in a school and has been an angel. Scotia has also been going on lots of trail walks and having the time of her life running around with her people and canine friends.

Since she has only been in Advanced Training for about a week now, she has just been taking it easy with some basic obedience and has been crushing it! She has excellent handler focus and can easily switch to handlers. She follows commands and loose leash walks nicely.

Her turn-in report noted that she tends to alert bark. She is already working hard to curb that. It shows how much love and hard work has gone into her.

Thanks, everyone, for all your love and hard work with Scotia II!

Advanced training location: West Coast

Submitted by: Advanced Training Department