Thank You MOVERS!

Thank you to everyone that participated in the 2023 MOVE for PADS!

You can still donate to PADS and help us place more life-changing dogs.

There are so many reasons to MOVE!

Now in its fourth year, MOVE for PADS gets people moving, in whatever way they can, to promote the work we do to place more life-changing assistance dogs.
These placements can help remove barriers and continue our ongoing efforts to create a better, more accessible, more inclusive Canada!
We are excited to announce our 2023 MOVE for PADS fundraiser will launch during National AccessAbility Week. Get active and raise funds to place more life-changing dogs!


It’s a fun way to get active – with a purpose!
You can MOVE any way you wish, but you simply:

1. Create an easy to set up fundraising page (as an individual or a team)

2. Set a goal

3. Share it with your friends and family to raise donations for PADS.

The more they donate, the more you MOVE. The more you MOVE the more lives are changed!


May 29: Registration Opens
June 5: Early Bird Registration Deadline (4:00PM PDT)
June 24: Day of MOVE
June 30: Last Day for Donations


Rally your friends, family, coworkers, teammates or neighbours to get active for PADS together.



Register your team today to receive extra resources to help make 2023 the best MOVE year ever!

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Deb & Vespa

MEET OUR MOVERS: Deb and Vespa Why they are Moving for PADS I found accepting my CPTSD diagnosis difficult and continued to take on every task I could to overload myself in lieu of dealing with matters. It wasn’t until I was forced into medical retirement that I found...

Teri & friends – In Halo’s Honour

MEET OUR MOVER: Terri and Friends How they are Moving for PADS You'll have to follow them on Instagram and Facebook to see how this fantastic team is moving! It could be hiking, swimming, paddle boarding, horseback riding, mucking, mowing, gardening, power washing,...

For The Love of Norquay

MEET OUR MOVER: Judy & Norquay How they are Moving for PADS Judy will MOVE (using a spin bike, an elliptical or heading out for a walk) 1 KM for every $5.00 they raiser throughout the month of June!  Why they are Moving for PADS "I have seen first hand the...

Michele and Zen

MEET OUR MOVERS: Michele and Zen How they are Moving for PADS This Month Zen and Michele are moving all month to raise money for PADS by walking and hiking on the north shore. Why they are Moving for PADS "I want to support PADS to continue to raise and train all PADS...

Trish and Shale

MEET OUR MOVERS: TRISH AND SHALE How they are Moving for PADS This year for the “Move for PADS” fundraiser, Trish and Shale will be walking 1 minute for every dollar raised! Why they are Moving for PADS Shale and I are moving for PADS to support this amazing...


MEET OUR MOVER: Veronica How they are Moving for PADS I am so excited to be taking part in the PADS Move 2023 fundraising campaign. Once again this year in honour of our PADS breeding dog Freya II, I will be climbing various sets of  stairs throughout the Fraser...


Ric Wheels for Independence

  MEET OUR MOVERS: RIC   How they are Moving for PADS Ric is spending all his time while not at work in a wheelchair.  Why they are Moving for PADS   "I have had the opportunity to meet many PADS clients and see the benefits of having a service dog help with...

Tia and Merlot

MEET OUR MOVERS: TIA AND MERLOT How they are Moving for PADS This year for the “Move for PADS” fundraiser, Tia and Merlot are aiming to raise $5000.  For every $50 raised, they will paddle, board, row, ski, run, walk, or climb 1 Km. Why they are Moving for PADS Tia...

The Cassette Set

 MEET OUR MOVERS: TEAM CASSETTE SET     How they are Moving for PADS The Cassette Set are a team of PADS enthusiasts who are on a mission to raise money for PADS while cycling their hearts out! Self confessed "retro-bones" who may not be the fastest or fittest group,...

Chris & Misty

MEET OUR MOVERS: CHRIS & MISTY How they are Moving for PADS Chris is raising PADS Misty and they will be working together to reach their fundraising goal. Chris told us: "I'm a first time raiser for PADS. I have PADS Misty whom will help me MOVE on our daily walks...


MEET OUR MOVERS: HEATHER How they are Moving for PADS Heather is part of our staff here at PADS and is ready to MOVE in the same spirit as Team "Gone with the Winn-Dixie"! When asked how she will be moving for PADS, Heather said: "I’m MOVE-ing for PADS by hiking,...

Juliet and Stark

MEET OUR MOVERS: Juliet and Stark How they are Moving for PADS Juliet and Stark are ready to MOVE for PADS throughout the month of August! They have teamed up with Team " Trails with Tails" and are excited to give back to PADS and to Get MOVING! When asked how they...


MEET OUR MOVERS: JODY, LINDA & LILI How they are Moving for PADS Jody, Linda and Lili dog will be soon heading out on a cycling adventure inspired by Lauren Calancie's ride to Calgary last summer! Initially, Jody had trained for and planned to cycle from Burnaby...


MEET OUR MOVERS: KAILEA How they are Moving for PADS Nala and Kaliea have pledge to move everyday! Kailea writes : Nala and are planning to get moving everyday with our normal hour-long hikes, but I will also be adding in biking, 100 daily sit-ups (ugh.... it's been a...


MEET OUR MOVERS: TEAM PEDALLING FOR PADS How they are Moving Starting  in August  Lauren will cycle from the PADS Burnaby Campus to the Calgary Training Centre to raise awareness and much needed funds for PADS. Why they are Moving PADS is meaningful to Lauren as she...

Team Franz

MEET OUR MOVERS: TEAM FRANZ How they are Moving for PADS Since they are two members in Team Franz with different 'move' likings, they've decided to undertake different 'move' goals! Sabrina will be climbing the Coquitlam Crunch staircase. She says, "Since COVID-19...