Thank You MOVERS!

Thank you to everyone that participated in the 2023 MOVE for PADS!

You can still donate to PADS and help us place more life-changing dogs.

There are so many reasons to MOVE!

Now in its fourth year, MOVE for PADS gets people moving, in whatever way they can, to promote the work we do to place more life-changing assistance dogs.
These placements can help remove barriers and continue our ongoing efforts to create a better, more accessible, more inclusive Canada!
We are excited to announce our 2023 MOVE for PADS fundraiser will launch during National AccessAbility Week. Get active and raise funds to place more life-changing dogs!


It’s a fun way to get active – with a purpose!
You can MOVE any way you wish, but you simply:

1. Create an easy to set up fundraising page (as an individual or a team)

2. Set a goal

3. Share it with your friends and family to raise donations for PADS.

The more they donate, the more you MOVE. The more you MOVE the more lives are changed!


May 29: Registration Opens
June 5: Early Bird Registration Deadline (4:00PM PDT)
June 24: Day of MOVE
June 30: Last Day for Donations


Rally your friends, family, coworkers, teammates or neighbours to get active for PADS together.



Register your team today to receive extra resources to help make 2023 the best MOVE year ever!

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MEET OUR MOVERS: TEAM Bikes and Beers How they are Moving for PADS When we were deciding how we wanted to MOVE for PADS, we looked at what other people were doing, and it was pretty intimidating how ambitious they are! We aren't exactly spring chickens, so we decided...

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MEET OUR MOVERS: TEAM WALKER Why they are Moving for PADS Nicole says she is moving for PADS because "Having a PADS dog has given me the confidence, independence and freedom to live on my own, accomplish my goals and be an active member of the community. My dog Walker...