Cleat was being raised and trained to provide life-changing independence to someone with a physical disability other than blindness or to work with a professional such as a teacher, psychologist or victim services worker to help support a healthy community.

In March, 2021, Cleat was chosen for his extraordinary health and temperament to join the PADS Breeding Program. His puppies will enter our training program or the training programs of other assistance dog schools around the world.

It truly takes a village to raise a puppy, and you can be part of Cleat’s village — donations raised through this page support the care and training of healthy, happy puppies. Help support Cleat today.


Breed:Labrador Retriever (Male)

Birthdate:April 16, 2019

Dam:PADS Izzie

Sire:PADS Balfour

Puppy-Raisers:Jane O'Connor

Caretakers:Jane O'Connor

Whelping Home:Beulah Rykaart

Litter:PADS Parts of a Boat Litter